New Standards for the catering world

New Standards for the catering world

Our vision
Holistic ecosystem change

Our mission
New benchmarks for the food service industry through platform economy and seamless digitization

Our promise
Innovative economic and ecological approaches that will culminate in a new appreciation and efficacy on the market

Holistic Hospitality

A return to the human touch

We are developing a holistic culture of hospitality; we will tap the culinary diversity of the various regions as a kind of marketplace for the client’s catering outlets.

Digital transformation will make more space for the traditional role as host and create a unique ambience that returns the focus to the individual table guest.

Digital Catering

Technology as the key to more sustainability

We are building a FOOD SERVICE INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, a unique solution in the sector, which will result in lasting changes.

Unlike the conventional approach, we will not apply modern technology to existing analog systems. Instead, we will establish new, holistic, digital standards and processes with the platform  economic solution.

Food Science
Food Service Science

The future needs roots

We are pooling the interests and knowledge of the industry and unleashing a new creative force that will give food service unprecedented new scope for action.

For many years, Christian Hamerle has cultivated exchange with renowned institutions from the fields of Future Food and Food Service Science and in various food cultures. 

His aspiration: “We must work together to shape THE FUTURE OF FOOD SERVICE. This is why it is important to unite efforts beyond business interests.“

Food Service Innovation Lab
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Our Team

Portrait of Christian Hamerle
The founder

Christian Hamerle